Playmate of the Month January 2010 – Jaime Faith Edmondson Naked

Like a blazing one-woman fireworks blowout, our radically accomplished Miss January, the self-proclaimed “feisty, fearless, redheaded adventuress,” rockets herself into the New Year just as she always has. “No resolutions,” says Jaime Faith Edmondson, “and no fear of the unknown. I’m a doer. When I see something I want, I go for it 100 percent, and nothing can get in my way. I don’t half-ass anything.” Don’t believe it? Consider this: Jaime is a former cop. And a former NFL cheerleader. And a reality-TV hotshot. Who else on this planet can claim that trifecta? Last seen in spring conquering the world with fellow former Miami Dolphins cheerleader Cara Rosenthal on TV’s The Amazing Race, Jaime fought her way through more than 40,000 miles of travel and backbreaking tasks, making hers only the second all-female team to score a second place on the show. Jaime says she has always been driven. As a child, she recalls, she dreamed of becoming “a spy, the heavyweight champion of the world or a Playboy Playmate.” The 31-year-old (“and proud of it!”) babe thought she was headed the spy route when she landed a criminology degree at Florida Atlantic University and later joined the Boca Raton police force. “I had a car, a Taser and two Sigs, and I loved the work. I had no problem with the criminals. It was the cops who made me miserable because they wouldn’t accept me as anything but a rah-rah cheerleader.” She left the force and battled her way onto The Amazing Race. That’s when Playboy came into the picture. “I got a call,” Jaime says. Hef wanted to know if she’d be interested in a test shoot. Now she finds herself living out one of her fantasies. “I’ll never be Lennox Lewis,” she says, laughing. But she’s going to be a great Playmate. “I’m amazed I’m here. I’m fastening my seat belt and looking forward to a year of amazing adventures. This is going to be the best New Year’s ever!”

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