Playboy Ana Naked in Emotional Appeal

Playboy Ana Naked in Emotional Appeal Photo Videos

Playboy Ana Naked in Emotional Appeal

Start the day with newcomer Ana in her debut pictorial by the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer. “I’m a very calm person at first glance,” says Ana of herself. “I feel everything deeply and search for the real meaning of things — I think I have a very special connection to the energies around m e.” Just waking up, Ana is set in a small apartment in Berlin as the camera captures her. “It was a great pleasure to shoot with Henrik, and I think we created amazing pictures and videos,” says Ana. “Posing nude makes me feel completely free.

Sometimes it’s like a trance when all the physical sensations disappear — like a form of mediation — and I start to express my deepest feelings through movement,” she shares. “[It’s] an explosion of emotion.” It is this time of the day that Ana feels the sexiest, too. “I feel sexy all the time,” she laughs, “but I love my body and face in the morning.” When she’s not modeling, Ana is outside or enjoying the people around her. “The most’ me’ moments are those when I close my eyes and connect to nature, someone’s soul, or simple [pleasures] of life.” Stay tuned for more from newcomer Ana, right here on Playboy Plus!


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