Playboy Fall Feelings



Welcome Fall the Playboy way with this week’s Editor’s Choice gallery and video. You’re sure to get into the mood of the season with Gloria Sol, Vivienne Solange, Brookliyn, Olia Adams, Alexandra Belle, and Katrine Pirs. First, spend some time outside with Alexandra as we bring you back to her November 2018 pictorial. “I grew up in Europe until the age of 12. I moved to Canada from Italy in 2004,” she says of her background. A professional dancer, Alexandra found modeling soon after. “Being a Playboy model embodies a lot of qualities — one of the main [ones] is that you are an empowered woman owning the skin you’re in.

I feel much more comfortable being nude than in clothes.” Next, head inside with Brookliyn as she floats about her cozy cabin. “My personality is very laid back,” shares Brookliyn, “I’m a major homebody.” Quiet days like this are just how Brookliyn loves to spend her time. “I prefer to do chill things rather than go out,” she says. “I’m a reader. I have a good book with me at all times. If someone offered to take me to a bookstore on a first date, I’d probably marry him.” Get to know all these models as we step into the chillier months of Fall, right here on Playboy Plus.

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